Ceiling Spotlights Guide – The Pros and Cons of Ceiling Spotlights

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Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling spotlights are a great way to elevate the look and vibe of your home. If you use them smartly, you can get quite a lot of ambience out of these relatively cheap lights! Ceiling spotlights are available in various forms. Some of them are fitted inverted while others come with a layered design where the bottom layer can be moved at a 90-degree angle.

Regardless of which type you go with; ceiling spotlights are truly one of the best ways to get the most out of artwork or a textured wall! Let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of ceiling spotlights and a guide on how to pick the best ceiling spotlight for your home.

Why Choose Ceiling Spotlights?

Ceiling lights used to be expensive devices that ran hot and were only used for a short period of time because of their high wattage. Most ceiling lights use an R-Bulb type which maximises the light that comes from the light source. Spotlights once depended on halogen bulbs that burned bright but caused a lot of heat. These types of lights are still used in some restaurants, hotels, and other similar places.

However, as technology progressed, the humble halogen bulb started to fall out of favour. LED lights took the main stage due to their high energy efficiency and the promise of being much cooler than halogen or typical spotlight bulbs. Many sustainability-centric businesses also started to phase out halogen bulbs since they weren’t environmentally friendly. Today, halogen-bulb spotlights still exist, but they are used sparingly.

LED lights are an excellent choice for ceiling spotlights because they can run for longer and they don’t burn out as quickly either. For example, small business owners can use cheaper and more efficient LED spotlights to illuminate their premises; and if they use them in the right places, then they can add a level of sophistication and ambience as well.

Let’s go over the pros and cons of ceiling spotlights:


They can be used to highlight features in your home.

One of the biggest benefits of using spotlights in your home is that you can use them to highlight different features like artwork, an accented wall, or a piece of furniture. Spotlights, as the name suggests, are designed to draw attention and since you can adjust these lights, there are several ways that you can set them up in your home!

For example, some spotlights come in pairs, and you can even find a 3-pair model that can be installed near a feature that you want to highlight. Just adjust the direction of each spotlight to face a different feature and voila! This simple tip can greatly increase the ambience and overall feel of your décor without really changing much.

They are versatile and adjustable.

Unlike other fixed lighting systems, spotlights have the benefit of being versatile and adjustable. There are several designs of spotlights available in the market and the beauty of these lights is that you can find just about any type of spotlight for your needs.

For example, some people like a minimalist look, which is why we recommend going with a simple rounded ceiling-mounted spotlight. You can also choose from a variety of angles too. Some spotlights are designed to generate a 140-degree angle beam and some smaller lights can illuminate an even narrower area of about 15 degrees. This makes spotlights an excellent choice for people who want control over the illumination of their homes.

They are energy efficient.

As mentioned above, there was a time when spotlights were only used by high-end businesses or boutiques because these businesses could afford the electricity bill of dozens of these lights. Of course, you would also need to account for the overall heat that these lights produced, which meant that most places that installed these lights also had to install a high-end air conditioning system that could counter the generated heat.

However, thanks to LED technology, things have changed for the better! Today, spotlights are no longer the expensive luxury that a few could afford – and the best part is that they have become cheap without losing much of their importance and allure!

LED spotlights are extremely efficient and can potentially cut your electricity bill in half. Not only can you benefit from the energy savings of using LED lights, but you don’t have to deal with the heat generated from LED lights either.


Installation can be complex.

Installing spotlights can be quite complex, especially for people who don’t know the basics of light fixtures. Since these lights are designed with moving parts, they can be quite complex to handle. In most cases, a professional service is required to install these lights. We recommend that you always go with a professional for these types of light fixtures because if the spotlight isn’t fixed properly then you won’t be able to set the right angle for the light.

Furthermore, multilight spotlights are even more difficult to install and handle because you will have to deal with two, three, or even four spotlights in one frame. Please keep in mind that these lights are delicate and should be handled with care!

They are only used for focused lighting.

As you can imagine, since these lights provide a focused beam, you can’t really use them for illuminating a large area. To do that, you will need several spotlights, all arranged in a series to cover multiple areas. For example, one spotlight would not be enough to even cover an entire wall. You would need at least 3-4 lights to cover a typical wall and even then, you would still be left with dark spots.

Another point of concern is the harshness of these lights. LED lights can be quite bright, even brighter than typical spotlights which means that they will likely also produce a glare. For some people, a constant glare can trigger a headache, even if the light is in their periphery. If your primary focus is on general illumination, then you might have to opt for another type of ceiling or wall light.

They can be costly.

While spotlights have a range of benefits, they are also quite costly. A typical spotlight can cost as much as two or three times more than a regular wall light. We believe that this price is justified, especially if you use the spotlight correctly, but if you are on a budget, then you would certainly have to hold back on splurging on different types of spotlights.

If you think that spotlights with a narrow beam will cost less since they produce less light, then think again. Up/down pillar and 15-degree spotlights cost more than typical spotlights and can be costly to install as well.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Spotlight

The best way to choose the right spotlight for your needs is to first understand the various types of ceiling lights.

Here are some of the most common and popular types of spotlights in the market:

Ceiling Spotlights

Ceiling spotlights are the most basic version of spotlights in the market. They are designed to be minimalistic and can be installed on any ceiling. These lights typically come with an adjustable head which you can use to easily direct the beam in any direction. The benefit of using these lights is that they are effective and are relatively cheaper than other types and forms of spotlights.

Track Spotlights

Track spotlights are extremely common in stores or in areas that feature wall art. Instead of just one spotlight, this system uses multiple spotlights that are fixed onto a track that sits flush with the ceiling. The benefit of using this spotlight is that you get to adjust each spotlight on the track. Some track spotlights even offer the ability to move the light along the track which opens a range of possibilities for using them!

Essentially, you can focus on different things in an area at any angle you like. While these spotlights are generally expensive, they work well when you want to emphasise different features in your home.

Multilight Spotlights

Multi-light spotlights are an excellent choice for people who want multiple fixed light sources. Most multi-light designs will feature two minimalistic spotlights fixed on a flat rectangular base. The base can be installed on a ceiling and the lights can be adjusted accordingly.

Unlike track spotlights, these lights usually can’t move from side to side. We highly recommend these lights for spaces that feature beautiful artwork or an accented wall.

Concealed Ceiling Spotlights

Concealed Spotlights are a great choice for false ceilings. Instead of a protruding light, concealed spotlights sit flush with the ceiling which gives them a very sophisticated look. Sure, you lose the ability to adjust the lights, but then you also gain a lot of ways to use these lights in your home!

For example, concealed spotlights can be used under a dining area where the bright illumination of these lights can be used to highlight the dinner table. You can also use them for general rooms, but we wouldn’t advise using them in bedrooms because of the glare and harshness of these lights.

Where to Use Spotlights?

Now that you know the various types of spotlights, you can decide where you want to install them. Spotlights can be installed in entryways, hallways, indoors, and outdoors. These lights are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of scenarios.

For example, you can use a simple one-fixture spotlight at the top of the front door. This spotlight will not only illuminate the small entryway of your home, but it will also provide security since your door will always be well-illuminated.

If you want to use them indoors, then you have the option to go with any of the three most popular types of spotlights discussed above. Also, keep in mind that spotlights come with various beam angles. This means that you can play around with the angle of the light to elevate your décor. For example, a 90-degree spotlight can be placed right under an art piece while a 140-degree spotlight can be placed under a casual sitting area.

Some people also like to use a spotlight for reading purposes. Since these spotlights generate a concentrated beam, they are excellent for reading or just relaxing. We recommend installing an adjustable and minimalistic ceiling spotlight that is placed under a sofa.

The benefit of going with this type of setup is that you can adjust the direction of the light in any way you like, and if you decide to repurpose the area, then you can simply move around the furniture and reposition the direction of the beam.

Perhaps the best use of spotlights is in the kitchen. Low-ceiling kitchens and ceiling spotlights are a match made in heaven. Before LEDs, halogen bulbs made using spotlights in the kitchen a nightmare. Not only did the bulbs run hot, but they also singlehandedly racked up the electricity bill.

Thanks to LED technology, you can easily use these lights to proudly feature your kitchen! For the best experience, we recommend using these lights under cabinets.

Please make sure that you install these lights away from heat sources. If the lights are placed under additional heat, like in the kitchen, then you might quickly depreciate the lifespan of the lights. For the best experience, we recommend that you consult with a professional for spotlight installation.

Calder Electrical Services prides itself on delivering a high-quality service thanks to our years of experience. Our team is more than equipped to install all types of ceiling spotlights.

If you have a vision for your home, then we encourage you to talk with our team to determine the best approach to bring your vision to life. Calder Electrical can help you pick the right type of spotlights for your home and we can also help you find the optimal spots to install them!


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