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Battery Storage System Installation

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If you already have Solar Panels or a Wind Turbine installed on your House or Business premises, then installing a battery storage system could help maximise the benefit of making your own energy. A battery storage system is installed within the existing micro-generation system and will store energy made to be used when needed such as at night or can be designed to use if there is a power cut.

A fraction of the cost

Battery storage is beginning to increase in demand due to the feed in tariff rates decreasing making it more worthwhile to use all the energy you create during sunlight hours rather than feeding it back into the grid. With the increase in demand for electric car vehicle charging this technology is also helping those to charge their cars on a night at a fraction of the cost rather than using energy from the grid.

Minimise any waste

We can assess the amount your Solar Panels produce and install enough battery storage so that you minimise any waste of the energy you create, this will help to lower your energy bills and become more independent from using energy from your suppliers.

Charge the batteries at a cheaper rate

Battery Storage can also be installed if you receive a cheaper rate during off peak hours, this will mean you can charge the batteries at a cheaper rate say at night and use this energy at peak times through the day again lowering the cost of your bills.

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EV car charging point fitted today, tidy installation, great job

Joe Langford

Ev charger fitted. Very neat and tidy. Great job

John Potter
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