EV Charger Brands

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EV Charger Brands

As the demand for electric vehicles sees an upward-sloping curve, so does the need for EV charger brands to provide fast and efficient EV charge points.

EV chargers are an important part of owning an EV and, although there are several on-street public charging solutions in the UK, it is always good to have an EV charger in your home and workplace as well.

The UK’s public EV charging network is growing rapidly with more and more EV charging stations being built. Despite that, home and workplace charging remains the more popular choice for EV owners.

That being said, there are several companies in the UK offering EV chargers. Choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help!

Read on to find out more about EV chargers, the best EV charger brands, and how to choose the best one:


If you are someone who owns an EV or is planning to make the switch, it is very important that you understand how EV chargers work.

EVs are becoming a relatively common sight in the UK and the number of EV charger brands has also increased.

Choosing the right brand, especially if you are new to the world of EVs, can be quite a tricky process. Some even say that choosing the right EV charger brand is more difficult than choosing an EV!

To make the process easy, it is best to be well-informed, know your requirements, and be able to compare the various brands available in the market.

Although you can use a standard domestic three-pin socket to charge your EV at home, it is an incredibly slow process that may take over 24 hours to charge an EV with a big battery.

Having a dedicated wall box charging point not only is incredibly convenient but can also help you save money in the long run.


If you’re looking for an EV charger for your home, there are many great options to choose from. Calder Electrical has hands-on experience with popular EV charger brands in the UK and can certainly help you choose the best EV charger for your needs.

Here is a list of some of the most popular EV charger brands in the UK:


One of the best-selling EV chargers in the UK, Hypervolt is a tethered EV charger designed and manufactured in the UK.

With a simple installation process and exceptional customer service, the Hypervolt is a sleek device that is available in ultra-white and black.

Compatible with a variety of EVs, it can be integrated with Alexa and most of the faults (if any) can be rectified remotely. It is a brilliant system that isn’t especially expensive and offers several great built-in features perfect for home EV charging.

Myenergi Zappi

Zappi is a smart EV charger from British firm myenergi and is among the best EV charger brands. Exceptional in terms of build quality, charging speed, and customer service, it is also reliable and easy to install.

The standout feature of the Zappi EV charger is that it has the option to utilise 100% green and clean energy generated from solar or wind energy, and it increases the Return on Investment (ROI) for your panels/turbines and EV.

If you don’t have a solar panel or wind turbine setup, you can very easily use it as a regular EV charger as well.

You can control and manage your usage via the myenergi app and see exactly how much energy the system and EV are using.


Andersen EV chargers are premium EV charge points that, like the Zappi charger, can use clean and green energy for charging your EV.

With unrivalled beautiful aesthetics, it is Porsche’s recommended EV charger and comes at a higher price compared to other brands on this list. It is available in 96 different colour and finish combinations and can be tailored according to your needs.

Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use, it comes with a durable tethered cable and in both 7kW or rapid 22kW versions.

Pod Point

One of the most well-known EV charger brands in the country, Pod Point operates a range of public EV charging points and is one of the first home EV charging points to hit the market.

With a charging capacity of 3.7kW up to 22kW, the charge points are compatible with all plug-in vehicles and come with a 3-year warranty.

Offering both tethered as well as untethered chargers, you can plug in both type 1 and type 2 charging cables into it.


Offering one of the most sophisticated EV charging experiences in the market, Ohme is known for its advanced app which can integrate with your energy tariff and allow you to keep a check on your usage.

Some models come with a screen on the front of the unit which offers a user-friendly alternative to the app.


Offering sustainable charging solutions for a variety of industries, EVBox EV chargers are designed to be accessible to everyone.

From residential to commercial and fast charging stations, EVBox has been providing EV chargers since 2010 and continues to do so.

Powered by intelligent software that lets you track, manage, and optimise your charging infrastructure, EVBox offers support to keep customers happy and EVs on the move.


Wallbox is a Barcelona-based EV charger brand providing EV chargers to customers all over the world. With many models under its name, the Pulsar Plus is one of the most popular ones in the UK.

With a smart design that is bold and colourful, and a simple smartphone app that is incredibly easy to navigate, Wallbox is simple to install and is consistently improving on its build quality for a superior user experience.

In addition to that, it is also solar PV compatible, allowing you to go completely green!


Founded in 2015, EO is another great EV charger brand that offers a variety of wall box chargers for the UK market.

Available in a range of charging speeds, all of its models come with a tethered type 1 or type 2 connection.

Known for its reliability, charging speeds, and build quality, EO is on a mission to become the global leader for all kinds of EVs.


Rolec has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of outdoor electrical equipment, including EV chargers.

With over a decade of experience in the EV industry, Rolec has offered its services to numerous industries all over the world.

From EV charging points for homes, offices, and fleets, Rolec offers the largest range of AC and DC rapid chargers in the UK.

Known for delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions to meet all requirements, it allows EV users to enjoy significant cost savings when purchasing and installing EV charging points on their property.

BP Pulse

BP Pulse is one of the biggest players in the UK’s public charging network and provides EV charging solutions for people at home, at work, and on the go!

The company has worked with the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers to support customers, which includes some of the country’s biggest fleets and leasing companies.


How can you talk about EVs and not mention Tesla? One of the biggest names in the world of electric vehicles, Tesla has a network of superchargers that are regarded as one of the best in the world.

Although the Tesla EV charge point can be used for other EVs, it is particularly aimed at Tesla drivers. As is expected, it looks good, is well-built, and offers the convenience of charging your EV at home or your workplace.


Here is some of the basic terminology and the features you need to look for when choosing the best EV charger brand for your home or workplace:

Charging speed

When getting a new EV charger, one of the key factors to consider is the charging speed. Home EV chargers can range from 3kW to 22kW, with higher-powered chargers charging your EVs much faster.

A 3.7kW charger would take approximately 13 hours to fully charge an EV with a 40kWh battery. A 7kW charger would do the same in less than 6 hours while a 22kW charger would take less than 2!

Tethered or untethered

A tethered EV charger refers to a charging point that comes with the charging cable permanently attached to the charger unit. All you have to do to use it is to uncoil the cable and plug it into your EV. It is very similar to how you would fuel up your car at a petrol station.

An untethered EV charger, on the other hand, has no permanently attached cable to the unit. Instead, it has a socket and is also sometimes referred to as a “socket-only” EV charger.

The question of whether to go for a tethered EV charger or an untethered one may not matter at times since there are a few manufacturers that offer both options.

However, since some of the best EV charger brands still offer only one or the other, it is best to know which type is more suitable for your needs.


The cost of the EV charger will naturally be a topic of discussion because it is important that you consider your budget when buying an EV charger for your property.

Depending on the brand, model, and features, EV chargers can cost anywhere from £400 to £1000, and even higher including the installation.

Avoid going for the cheapest option as you may be compromising on the performance of the system. An EV charger is a long-term investment that needs to be well thought out so that you get your money’s worth.

OZEV approved

The OZEV (Office of Zero Emission Vehicles) grant refers to a government grant for installing EV chargers in your home or workplace.

The grant can provide up to £350 off the total cost of purchasing and installing a home EV charger. In order to be eligible for the grant, you need to make sure your EV charge point is OZEV-approved and so is your installer.


While the public network for EV chargers is growing rapidly, there is still the need for home and workplace EV chargers so that you can charge your EVs whenever you want.

Here are all the reasons you must install an EV charger:

  • Convenience – save time by charging your EV at home instead of driving to a public charging point. There will be no waiting time at home and you won’t have to rely on public stations to charge your car.
  • Cost savings – with home EV charging points, you can charge your EVs at a lower cost by not charging during peak hours and using your own electricity.
  • Faster charging – you can opt for the most suitable charging speed for your needs when it comes to home chargers and can charge your cars at a much faster rate. Although public rapid chargers are incredibly fast, they are not as readily available and are more expensive to use.
  • Eco-friendliness – the main reason EVs are taking over petrol and diesel cars is that they are better for the environment due to their reduced carbon emissions. You can lower your carbon footprint even further by using renewable energy for your home EV charger to power your EV.
  • Battery efficiency – by having a home EV charger, you can create a more efficient charging schedule for your EV and improve the life and quality of your car’s battery as compared to charging it sporadically.
  • Increased property value – due to the increase in the demand for EVs, getting a home EV charger installed can increase the value of your property and turn it into a unique selling point.


You must always hire a certified and experienced professional to install your EV charger to save you from future troubles and to make sure the installation is safe and complies with all the regulations.

If not installed properly, some EV charging points may also lose their warranty, which is something you would not want to risk.

In addition to that, always make sure that the installer you hire is an OZEV-approved one so that you can be eligible for the OZEV grant and save money on the purchase and installation of your EV charger.


At Calder Electrical, we can install EV chargers for domestic and commercial premises in line with the current regulations and can offer a government incentive to reduce installation costs.

We are authorised and registered OZEV installers and our charge points come with a 3-year warranty.

If you own an EV or are planning to buy one, you will want to maximise recharge times and efficiency by installing an OZEV-approved charger in your home. Our team can visit you and survey your house to help determine your needs and requirements.

There are various chargers currently on the market and it can be a little confusing to choose the best one for your home. We will take out the hassle and provide you with the most suitable and affordable option, ranging from the standard systems to the smart ones that are becoming increasingly popular.

Similarly, if you have a business that is looking to help employees or customers/clients charge their EVs at the workplace, you may contact us right away.

We offer all kinds of different options to choose from such as wall-mounted to freestanding pedestal units, and from fast charging to rapid charging units.

Depending on the size and demand of the premises, our experts will help assess the best solution for your business’s needs.

We can also offer a PAYG (Pay as you go) charging system and token-fed chargers with features focused on both the user and operator. This is something a lot of businesses are looking at currently as the market for EVs and chargers increases year after year.

Contact us here or call us on 0800 612 3001 for a quick consultation with our leading industry experts and more information on the best EV charger brands.

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